Individualized Education Plan

Defending Your Child’s Education Is A Partnership.

To be clear, we have one aim — one obligation — to partner with you to provide support for your student’s educational needs.  As a Certified Special Education teacher, Annie B. Trent has significant experience writing and implementing IEP’s for the classroom setting. To further the individual educational needs of your child, our involvement takes place   in one of two ways:

IEP Consultation With You

1. Assuming you already have an IEP, we review the most recent psychological report, the current IEP and work samples. 2. If we believe a change is warranted, we make recommendations to examine and reshape educational methodologies currently used in the classroom. 3. We want to see improvement in data collection to assure, in fact, that there is progress. 4. We also recommend classroom modifications to facilitate more vigorous classroom success.

You should know you have a part in this process — to provide access to all IEP records and meet with our consultants to better prepare you for your child’s next IEP annual review. This process enables you to be more informed and effective in your next meeting with your child’s educational team.

In addition to reviewing the current IEP, we conduct an independent skills assessment of your child to determine if goals are being met or if the goals are even appropriate. This process helps reassure you that progress has been made and/or can provide you with additional data to help identify your child’s academic needs and progress.

IEP Consultation/Collaboration With Schools

Obviously, your child’s school is critical to success. In that regard, we will accompany you to meetings with educational and therapeutic service providers to assist in presenting our analysis and recommendations. We are your advocate, to address the refinements in the services offered to your child.  We will be there to serve as counsel for your child and his or her educational experience.

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